Small Pharma, Big Submission

Most of the small companies that come to PharmaStat have strong clinical and regulatory expertise. Some have an in-house Biometrics team. Either way, when the pivotal study is ready to start, the team is strained to its limits, running flat out just to focus the vendors and review their work.

There’s no time to plan for the data submission. Putting another CRO in the mix means more work for the team – more projects to manage, more issues to track.

Adding PharmaStat’s consultants to the team lightens the load.


Bringing Clarity to Your Project

Most of our work is with smaller companies. Our size and services match your specific needs. Not only does PharmaStat work closely with your internal team, we also support the other vendors you depend on.

Our experience with small pharma submissions ensures that whatever problems you face, we’ve solved them before.

For more information about our approach, see our presentation Managing Biometrics Tasks for an eCTD Submission. Also check out our Project Profiles below. Whatever your unique challenges, you’ll find solutions for them there.